December 16, 2013

Cross Baby Quilt

Please help Peter Rabbit (yes, I'm 36 and I have my Peter Rabbit, and no, I'm not giving it to the baby because it's mine!) and I welcome my cousin's little bub Jayden!!! My cousin Carrie was meant to have a little Christmas baby, but she didn't want to inflict that on her son (no offence to Christmas babies, but you have to admit it's a bit of a poo), so she decided to have him a little earlier. I love how that's something you can decide to do hehe

I'd asked Carrie what she wanted, and in her usual fashion, she said, "Oh make whatever... but umm, maybe if there's some blue even though it's boring but it IS a boy haha". I wrote that, and then realised you don't know Carrie. Dorkus.

I decided to make the little man a cross quilt out of DS fabrics and I think it's not particularly boyish, but at least it doesn't scream girl. I call that a win. The colours are always so cheery, and I love that for babies. Beautiful, saturated colours. Yum.

I used a grey dot for the binding and Kona Aqua for the backing. It's blue... ish? It's just a little baby quilt, and I really hope she likes it. My sister received the quilt a few days ago, so hopefully she'll take it to them when she visits soon! Utterly dying for pictures! :)

On a tangent, here's the view from the hub's study. I love the birch trees around the house. LOVE.

I hope Carrie and the little one are doing well, and his big sister Sophie gets to meet him soon :)


Jeanette said...

Love the fabric and the pattern-perfect baby quilt.

Steph said...

Very nice quilt, and I think the colors are great for a boy, blue but not so typical boring baby blue.
Greetings from Germany!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Super cute!!

Carla said...

I love this. A beautiful rich baby quilt. Must make one soon ; )

Patrina Odette said...

This is one of my favorite baby quilts from you! I love the fabrics. Your cousins baby is going to love snuggling up in this! I'm sure it'll be well loved!!

stephanie said...

Beautiful quilt, as always! Where do you get your quilt lables from? I am so very lazy and don't feel like pouring over a million and one labels making companies. I figure whomever you use for your awesome lovliness is good for you, will be good for me!

Thank you and have a great day!

tabbiegirl said...

Love this (actually, all your quilts)! Your fabric choices are always fabulous!

jeifner said...

I love when baby quilts have saturated colors. Something about babies seeing dark and light values better? Very scientific there :) Looks great!


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