May 20, 2015

Rail Fence Baby Quilt

On my list of quilts-I've-never-made-but-probably-should sat the rail fence quilt. How'd I go almost six years without making one of these?

This was so fun to make, and quick too. I just threw all the strips into a box and pulled them out two by two to sew together. Much fun was had :)

There are lots of yummies in there... DS, Joel Dewberry, Lotta Jansdotter, Carrie Bloomston, Lizzy House, C+S, Tula Pink etc. LOVE.

I used two different fabrics for the back... my favourite Juliana Horner print and my favourite solid (for now!), Kona Wasabi. I quilted it with a white cotton thread in a crosshatch to keep it nice and simple. The binding is a Robert Kaufman grey and white dot with a small sliver of the Juliana Horner print :) So pretty *pet pet*.

The quilt is currently available in my Etsy shop :)

May 6, 2015

Quick Chance Blog Hop


Updated: The winner is Carol! Congratulations! :) 

Hello! I'm delighted to be a part of a new book called Quick Change: Refresh a Room Fast with Quilted Bed Runners. I was lucky enough to have two runners picked for this book (and I kind of even have my own section, "Bold and Bright"... Fitting, no? Hehe!)

We've got a little Q&A from Martingale, so here goes...

What inspired your bed runners?
The first runner I designed is called Wild Goose Chase and I've always liked flying geese placed very randomly, going in different directions. The swirls of the quilting are meant to mimic the wind as the geese flapped away! 

My other runner design was inspired by my friend Katy's Spring Carnival EPP pattern. I played around with the idea of taking one section and making the pieces bigger so that they could be machine-sewn. The name Jewel Rings came from the fact that I wanted to use jewel tone colours so that they'd shine beautifully against the dark background. 

Do you have other favourite projects from Quick Change?

I think Winding Roads by Megan Jimenez of Quilt Story is really great, and Vintage Petal by Heather Andrus and Megan Jimenez of Quilt Story is just adorable.

What does the master bedroom of your dreams look like?

This. It would look like this. I mean, I love my bedroom... it's bright yet cosy, and my quilt / doona came is on point. But this room is just so soft and put together. Love! 

And now, for the fun part! Martingale is giving away one free eBook, so please feel free to join this giveaway! Simply make a comment, and I'll choose a winner on Tuesday, May 12. Good luck! 

Follow the Quick Change blog hop for fun designer Q&As, plus more chances to win the eBook!
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Thursday, April 30: Heather Andrus & Megan Jimenez at Quilt Story
Friday, May 1: Brigitte Heitland at Zen Chic
Saturday, May 2: Heidi Pridemore at the Whimsical Workshop Studio
Monday, May 4: Amanda Leins at Mandalei
Tuesday, May 5: Doug Leko at Antler Quilt Design
Wednesday, May 6: Audrie Bidwell at Blue is Bleu
Thursday, May 7: Stephanie Prescott giveaway via Facebook

Pictures from here and here.

April 24, 2015

Triangle Baby Quilt

How fun is this?! I started cutting triangles from the large scraps on my cutting table because I thought they were too good to just lay in a pile!

I used a DS print for the back -- one of my favourites! I know I say that a lot about her prints, but there are some that are just special! I love how happy this print is... the pink and orange flowers against the yellow grid is just too good. I pulled five different prints to make a scrappy binding... those are my favourite to do :)

This quilt sold minutes after I listed it on Etsy but I imagine I'll be making another scrappy triangle quilt again soon!

April 17, 2015

Lotta Jansdotter Doorstop

I made a doorstop and it's enormous!

I used the pattern found in Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing one of the first sewing books I bought when I started sewing several years ago. The fabric is a Moda Wonderland print in linen, and I used a solid green for the handle. So cute, right? Heehee!

It's filled with rice but I kind of wish I'd used beans instead... I'm guessing they're less dense than rice? Because this damn doorstop weighs about 8-9 lbs lol I guess that door ain't movin'! :)

April 15, 2015

Cross Baby Quilt

I hadn't made a cross baby quilt in a couple of years, and I thought it'd be fun to make another one! I tried to get a nice mix of prints and colours, and I think it turned out super cute :)

There are lots of DS prints, as usual, but I threw in some cute prints from Tula Pink, Lizzy House, Joel Dewberry, C+S, Alison Glass, etc.

I used one of my favourite DS prints for backing a baby quilt... the little orange and pink flowers against the navy check is just so darling. And for the binding, I went scrappy because that I just felt it suited this quilt :) I quilted it in white thread in a grid in between the squares. So cute!

The quilt is currently available in my Etsy shop SOLD.


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