April 15, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

One of my biggest thrills about a new house is finding out what's in store for us when Spring comes around. These flowers just popped up and every time I drive home, there's more yellowy gorgeousness greeting me. There's more on the other side of the front of the house, and it's all looking so beautiful :)

I didn't even see the hyacinth until I went to take pictures! That's how much I go walking outside lol! I LOVE them!! I hope there's more hyacinth to come because they smell so lovely.

Also, I can't say / think of hyacinth without thinking of the show Keeping Up Appearances. Anyone? Anyone?

Pretty, pretty, pretty :) What's blooming in your garden?

March 31, 2014


This, my friends, is what I like to call a whole lot of NOPE. Or snow-pe. Whatever works best for you.

I know why it snowed. Over the weekend, the hubs declared it was probably time to put away the snow blower because, and I quote, "we're not going to get anymore snow"... and then TADA!!! Super fail.

This came after a couple days of rain, rain, rain... the hubs said the commute this morning was pretty terrible. I'm guessing all this snow landed on frozen rain and sleet. Blech. Whose idea was it to live in New England again, honey? Perth and Melbourne, no snow... just sayin' :)

And just a reminder, but today is the last day to enter the Modern Quilt Perspectives giveway!

March 27, 2014

Single Girl Quilt In Chicopee

I finished this quilt in February (I think?) and I don't know why I've kept forgetting to share it! Yes, I know I'm a dumb dumb... No, I don't know what's wrong with me...

Please, let me introduce you to The Beast (as its owner Patrina and I affectionately call it). It is by far the largest quilt I've ever made... I believe it was 114" x 122". Yep, you just peed yourself. I can tell.

Patrina had wanted this quilt for a while but she didn't want to ask me because she thought I would be all FRIENDSHIP OVER. But she underestimated my level of crazy. Not only did I say yes, I also suggested we do 25 blocks instead of the 20 blocks Denyse had written for the king size pattern because 25 seemed like the perfect number of blocks for me to gain entry to the nearest asylum the dimensions would suit her bed better.

I thought it'd take forever to make. I kept telling her that it'd be a long time before I get this shipped off to her. Well, forever turned out to be a few weeks. Teehee! I pieced this sucker in record time. I think it had to do with being able to fondle my favourite fabric collection of all time, Chicopee. The colours are just magnificent, and because of that, we used a very light background, Bella Porcelain, so that we didn't fuss with it.

As you can see, I also made Patrina a pillow. Masochist. That's what I am. I'd sent the quilt off for quilting, and I had a few scraps left over, so I thought why the hell not. I hand quilted it too, just echoing the rings.

Patrina decided she wanted the baptist fan pattern, which I always love. I think it's such a lovely complement to the rings. Just look at all those curves and gorgeous pops of colour. Sigh :)

The backing is a Kona Coral, and I'm so glad we went with it. We had to think for a while about what should go on the back, and whether or not the Coral was too bright. Then we figured, so what if it's bright!? It's gorgeous. I love the unexpected colour on the back, but then again, I have a penchant for bright colours :)

The binding is Bella Porcelain, same as the background, because we didn't want it to stand out... the rings needed to do all the talking on the front.

Look at Patrina, laying under a quilt I made her, reading a quilt pattern that I designed. Now THAT'S a friend hahaha!

Damn dog is so freaking cute, I want to bite her. 

Patrina, I'm beyond ecstatic that we collaborated on this quilt. Your excitement and utter thrill over this quilt is why I do what I do. And I'm just grateful I get to call you my friend :)

Now the both of us have to go punch things because that's just too bloody mushy. Ahem.

All photographs were taken by Patrina. Because she's an amazing photographer and this quilt deserved to have beautiful photos taken of it.  

Quilting was done by Laura McCarrick.

March 26, 2014

Shake Shack

The poor hubs had never been to Shake Shack, so when he took the day off on Monday, we thought it'd be a perfect place to have lunch. 

See the little burger between the hot dog and the double bacon cheeseburger? That one's mine. The hubs ordered enough for an army, but he finished it all! Very impressive, and slightly frightening hehe!

I've always liked their burgers because of the pillowy potato bun they use. It's almost difficult to get a burger wrong, but when you get it this right, it's the stuff dreams are made of. They need to open a branch in our town, please. Or not. Maybe it's best they not.

But really, they should.

They're known for their frozen custards, affectionally known as concrete, that are just delicious. The consistency is much like a very thick gelato or turkish ice cream... Mmmmm gorgeous.

Oh Shake Shack, I do love you so. And the hubs would like you to be his mistress. Which I'm totally okay with.

(They're not paying me to say these things... although if they wanted to, they can pay me in burgers. Because I can be bought with food.)

March 21, 2014

Thomas Knauer 'Modern Quilt Perspectives' Blog Tour... And Giveaway!


Sum of Interrelations
Ages ago, Thomas had asked for volunteers to make a little applique block each. I'm not the biggest fan of applique -- not because I don't fancy it, but because I think I'm quite shit at it -- but I immediately raised my hand and offered my services. Why? Because it was Thomas. Mr Thomas Knauer.

Split Personality
Thomas is... different. And I mean that in the very nicest way possible. In a world of sameness, he's refreshing. He puts so much thought into something that's so seemingly simple, and emerges with things that just makes you wonder what his brain must be like. He eventually contacted me directly and asked if I'd piece some quilts for him. Umm, DUH. Thomas has challenged me with the quilts he's asked me to piece, and I really love that. They're by no means difficult to the point that they make you homicidal. No. They're just different. And different is good.

I finally met Thomas in person in Utah at Sewing Summit in 2012. I was carrying the top for Cinderblock (as seen above), and when I spotted him through a crowd, I tapped him on the shoulder, introduced myself, and handed him his quilt top. Then he fell to his knees and thanked me. Oh, Thomas, I knew then we'd get along just fine :)

So, let's talk about this brilliant book this brilliant man wrote. I received an advanced copy of Modern Quilt Perspectives weeks ago, and it hasn't left my desk. It's been at the top of my pile of paperwork because I keep flicking through it in utter awe. And there's a fair bit of mumbling to myself because HOW DID HE DO THIS?!?

I gave Thomas an early review of his book, and I stand by it. I still wish to punch him. A lot. Now more than ever.

In Defense of Handmade
Quilt after quilt, after quilt, there's meaning behind each one. THAT'S why you write a quilt book. I design a quilt and I can't explain why it exists farther than I thought it'd look cool. Idiot. Thomas gives his quilts meaning because each of them are borne of an ideology or are meant to provoke thought about something bigger than your little corner of the world. I thoroughly enjoy that about him and his work.

But aside from the social commentary, this book is filled with gorgeous quilts. I've already got Ampersand (as seen above) earmarked for when I have the time to do some selfish sewing because the ampersand has special meaning for the hubs and I :)

I'm so proud I got to be a part of this, and I'm always thankful that Thomas trusted me with his babies. But more than that, I'm thankful I get to call this man a friend, because there's really no one like him. Please get yourself a copy, read it from cover to cover, and then repeat. You won't be sorry, I promise. (And if you are, then you've got problems, my friend.)

Here's the complete list of everyone on this epic blog tour:

March 14: Thomas Knauer
March 15: Lisa Sipes 
March 16: Robert Kaufman 
March 18: Katy Jones 
March 19: Bill Volkening 
March 20: Kelly Biscopink 
March 21: Audrie Bidwell 
March 22: Mary Rachel Kolb 
March 23: Rachael Gander 
March 24: Sew, Mama, Sew 
March 26: Cheryl Arkinson 
March 27: Quilting Daily 
March 28: Fat Quarterly 
March 29: Pellon/Erin Sampson 
March 30: Sew Modern 
March 31: Rachel May 

April 1: Quilty 
April 2: Amy Smart 
April 4: Teresa Coates 
April 5: Generation Q 
April 7: Sara Lawson 
April 8: Kim Niedzwiecki 
April 10: Thomas Knauer 

A copy of Modern Quilt Perspectives is up for grabs, so please leave a comment below (make sure you provide an email with your entry or your entry doesn't count!). The giveaway will run till Monday March 31st. And be sure to visit everyone else on the blog tour so you can enter their giveaways too. Good luck!


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